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So far...

Work.  Going okay.  There are some administrative changes going on at the departmental level, but it doesn't really affect anyone at the coordinator level or lower, so...yeah.  Just getting my stuff done and doing my job.  Because of school I have to work a more abstract schedule, which is kind of weird, but...it's more of a countdown, I suppose.

School. Ugh.  Do not get me started.  One of my dissertation co-chairs seems to be getting on my nerves weekly.  It's one of those scenarios where a person has NO CLEAR IDEA how to communicate what he wants.  Frankly, if you want me to produce x, say you want x.  Please don't say "Oh, I just want you to do this" and then, after you get it, "Oh, where's x?"  (which, you didn't ask for, you didn't give any guidance or any type of framework, so instead of just 'flying blind', I went to the internet and adapted some examples I found).  UGH.  So I have a meeting with him and my other co-chair later this week; at the very least, it should be illuminating and get me on the right path...I hope.

Teaching.  Going great! Teaching 3 classes at 3 different schools - not as terrifying as it sounds.  All the courses seem to be going well, keeping up on the stuff I need to do, which is good.

Fitness. Getting back in the groove.  Running has been good - in July I ran 100k (62 miles) and I ran 100k in August (another 62 miles).  For September - November my goal is only 90k (55 miles a month), so we will see how that goes (only at 30k so far....sigh).  Starting classes and won some personal training (thanks to a contest)so...yeah...should be fun.

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