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Tick - tock

My comprehensive exams are now closing in on me.  Am I ready? I guess I have to be.  I still feel like I'm at a point where my head is absolutely saturated with knowledge.  I've read so much in the last 8 weeks - no seriously, I now know what "cramming" is.  I've read books...like 2 dozen books...in 8 weeks.  And it isn't like these were easy reads- no Harry Potter or John Grisham.  It was all deep, heavy, involved stuff.  Between that, the articles, and writing the annotated bibliographies - it's just so much.  And it really isn't over - 20 more articles and books over the next 10 days.  But that will finish it, and then on the 21st, comps begin.  Yep, I am ready.

One of my friends/acquaintances just told me he failed his comps. At least twice.  I am thinking WHOAH, really??? And he eventually finished his PhD (he had a LOT of problems, though, and ended up defending his dissertation, being told he needed MAJOR revisions, and then, finally, passing because the chair was about to retire).  I don't want to be in that situation.  It isn't that I think I am a better writer or better academic, but I think my focus is a little better. I need to finish this. Bottom line.

I've also found new energy for the job.  I am very excited about that.  I am glad the wonder of the medical records hasn't left me - getting new information is like solving a mystery, sort of like my favorite shows.  I guess I just really love deductive reasoning.

I found out one of my favorite shows is still on, and coming on Sundays - just catching up on-demand though.  I love Elementary. Great show.

Teaching is going great. I really, really like the masculinities course.  I am hoping, so much, I get to teach it again in the fall of 2017 - it only happens once a year.  I guess I'll know by March.  Heck, that's when comps end.  I guess I will know *a lot* by March....

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