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Irons in the Fire...

* Comprehensive examinations start in 14 days (2 weeks).  Just ready to get them started so I could get them done.  People seem to think I'll do well on them; I'm just ready to put them behind me so I am more than half done this marathon of a PhD.

* Waiting to see how the enrollment for my mini course shapes up.  Right now I have 4 people; in order ot get the minimum pay flat rate, I need at least 8.  Many of the other courses are well past that minimum - I just want to get there.  Conceivably I have four weeks to get there, but I just don't like being this down to the wire.  Mini courses used to fill SO much quicker in the past; I'd normally have to concern myself with my course closing and letting extra people in.  Times change.

* Sent an email to a blog on masculinity to see if they were interested in me commssioning a piece. No response.  Sent an email to a prof who works with them; he's willing to serve as a go-between, just need to produce the piece. Goal - get this done before comps start on the 20th, and be pretty much set with this.

*Sent another email to a journal to see if they were interested in a short piece on some of my research.  Hoping they saw yes.  The piece is already done, it just needs to be edited, likely.

Other potential in the air, such as two journal publishing opps, but won't even think about them until comps are done, done, done.

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