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2017 - The Marathon of Resolutions

I call it a marathon of resolutions because of my intent to complete 26 resolutions (and exceed at least five), so it makes sense.

Education (7)
- Finish my comprehensive examinations
- Defend my dissertation proposal
- present at three (3) academic conferences
- get published in two (2) academic blogs
- get published in at least one academic journal
- complete two (2) academic fora at UMBC
- attend one (1) professional academic meeting (CSA, ASA, AMSA)

This will be a busy year, so many of these things will happen regardless; it is just about making them happen.  I need to do most as a matter of course, but some I need to make time so they can happen.

Teaching (2)
- teach six (6) classes
- teach two (2) topics I've never taught before

My goals for teaching are minimal, but I'd like to teach at least two things I've never taught before in sociology, cultural studies, or gender studies.  Last year circumstances really drove down the number of courses I taught; I think I barely taught six when I would normally teach 7-8.

Fitness (6)
- attend seventy-five (75) fitness classes
- run 500 miles
- complete five (5) organized 5k runs
- complete ten (10) urban hikes
- win at least two MapMyRun compeitions against Sashi
- bench 200 lbs

I dropped off on fitness this year, and then picked it up hardcore late summer, and dropped off again.  Cannot drop off again. An urban hike is a walk in the city of at least 4 miles. I barely did any fitness classes in 2016; that was bad.

Growth (3)
- start Spanish Duolingo
- download and listen regularly (at least 1/month) one (1) Spanish podcast
- attempt discussion w/Raf or Alfredo

Working on a language I literally plagarized from Aram.  I mean, I have a degree in Spanish but haven't used it at all in years.  I need to essentially re-dedicate myself.

Travel (3)
- visit three (3) new cities
- take five (5) plane rides
- visit friends in at least three (3) cities

Finance (3)
- save $5000 (independent of of 401k and retirement)
- create and sustain CoH/In the Mattress "account"
- get Pact up to $225

Graduate school has completely depleted my finances; what was once a lot of money in my savings has dried up.  I'm doing a good amount of teaching, and should only have to pay for my dissertation credits, which means Ill be able to save a good deal of money.  Getting my cash on hand back up will be the challenge, but Pact shouldn't be hard, if I keep up on running.

Other (2)
- have at least four (4) meetings with non UMBC, non-Maryland academics in gender studies or linguistics (Skype counts)
- go on at least three (3) dates


Dec. 31st, 2016 02:23 pm (UTC)
Wow; you are way ahead of me in writing down your goals! Sounds like a well thought out and diverse list. Good luck! Under financial, what is a CoH account and Pact?
Jan. 1st, 2017 03:39 pm (UTC)

CoH is "cash on hand". It's an incredibly outdated idea, but I'm still a fan. Generally a CoH account is just being able to have some emergency money "in the mattress" so to speak. Therefore it's actual money you have in the house, hidden, and can be used in emergencies (and doesn't require a card or a pin..LOL). I was really good with this about 4 years ago; I had like $1500 on hand on top of everything in my savings and retirement. Sadly, working on a PhD completely depleted those monies :(

Pact is a workout app. Essentially you bet against yourself in terms of doing exercise (or eating right; a new category they made). The basic idea is that you pledge to workout a number of days a week (30 minute minimum or 10,000 steps -verified by the app via a step counter or checking in at a gym recognized on GPS). The minimum you can pledge is 3 days. If you make the goal, you get money (on average, like a dollar). If you miss it, $5 is subtracted out of your account (or your credit card, if you don't have anything in your account) for every miss. I've been really good with this for about 3 years; I think I've missed my pact....once (so in 155-160 weeks, I've lost five bucks). However because I've made just about every pact, I have in my account now about 170 or so dollars (which you can pull out via PayPal at any time). Getting to $225 shouldn't be a problem.
Jan. 1st, 2017 08:22 pm (UTC)
I had never thought about needing cash on hand before...We have a savings account with an emergency fund, but yeah, what if something happens that you cannot get your money out? Thanks, I have something else to work toward in 2017. :-)

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