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So far....

Generally, so far all of my resolutions (of which there are 26) are going well.  Most of them are very event oriented (such as four conferences or a certain number of erichment meetings, etc), but for those that are "long term change", those that involve fitness, I'm doing pretty damn well.  Since January 2nd, I've been to the gym (as in walked in the door and exercised) 15 times.  I've run a good number of miles (like 20?) but my pace and my distance isn't where it used to be.  But I am not concerned with that; this is about getting there eventually.  At the start of this month I was happy to do 1.4 miles and not stop.  It's now the 19th, and I'm already up to 1.75 miles.  If I can get to a consistent 2 miles by the end of the month (which would equal 12 miles/week) and then up to 2.5 by the end of February (15- woohoo), I'll be happy.  I really want to be able to do 100k a month starting in February - I certainly hope I can keep it up.

I have a meeting today with one of my dissertation advisors- I still don't have my comps questions.  Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, I get them next week.  I am itching for a 1/27 start date now.

Had to put in my requests for my fall courses at Towson.  I just sent an email to the coordinator asking what he wants me to teach; hopefully an answer is forthcoming.

There's nothing else really big happening, truth be told.

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