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Ready? Set? Change.

My marathon of resolutions is going relatively well
- I have a date set for the start of my comprehensive exams, so I'll be done by the end of April
- I have received confirmation that I'll be presenting at two conferences this year, with the strong likelihood of presentation at least for 2-3 more
- I started Duolinguo, and am on a 17 day streak.  It's pretty funny how well my Spanish recognition has shot up
- I've been hitting the gym regularly, like 7-9 times a week, and have made 5 classes this month (and run about 40k)

It's just the first month, so I'm pretty pleased with the results.

I've also been doing 'cleanses' and 'streaks' for periods of time.  I did a 'fried food streak' where I refrained from eating fried foods in a heavy fashion.  Over the last 22 days, I've only had 4 servings of fried food. I'm going to make it an even 28-day "flush" and not have any more.  I'll see how long it goes; I'm just amazed at the changes since I haven't eaten anything from grease, or at least not much of it.

I have also been doing hammer curls every morning, 50 each day.  Seeing a difference there too.

Not jumping on a scale or measuring anything yet; just feeling really okay with the fact that I feel a lot better.

Classes start next week - let's get going.

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