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January 31st begins some stuff

- I get my comprehensive exam questions today.  I have already received one and am waiting for the other.  Once I receive both, I have 90 days to complete them - 30 pages minimum per question.  The first question is....intense.  It will take me the entire month of March to sufficiently answer.  I'm hoping to get the other today and spend all of February on that.

- I have set a goal of 90k (54 miles) this month.  I did pretty decent in the month of January with a pretty shoddy start; about 65k or 40 miles.  Just shooting for a bit more, which will be slightly challenging in a short month.

- I will be teaching two courses this spring, one I've never taught before (Sociology of Sport).  I'm excited, and everything starts today.  Additionally tonight is the first night of the Social Problems class.

- My fried food cleanse went pretty well.  Out of 29 days I had 7 servings of fried foods; that's pretty impressive.  I think my waist (and my endurance) show the difference.  I'm going to essentially keep it up through the month of February.  The cleanse this month will be that I can have no more than (again) 7 servings of fried foods.  I really don't want *any* this week.  Maybe I'll treat myself around the 15th or so.

- I also want to keep up on the fitness classes.  It will be hard; I'll miss a number of the Saturday classes due to clinics I have to work.

Fingers crossed to a great degree for the month of February!  Hope to come out of it okay!

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