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That's a quote from Alice in Wonderland.  I didn't like the movie (the Tim Burton verson) originally, but it grew upon me.  I've kind of used it as a rallying call for my winter, given how busy I have been with various things.  I've found, that every Saturday up until April, I must believe as many as six impossible things before going to bed:

1) "That candy can make me stronger"

I'm pretty amazed that I've kept on a regimen of taking fiber gummies and calcium gummies every day for....a while now.  And this is me, a person who couldn't remember to take a vitamin because by the time I walked out of the door I'd forget whether I took it.  However, I not only keep up on this Saturdays, but every day, making sure it is one of the first things I do every morning.

2) "That I can sing myself to strength of arm"

Since January 5th, I've begun a pretty simple function of doing 25 reps (each arm) with a 20lb dumbbell every morning, while singing a little song I learned when I was in possibly the 3rd grade. It becomes mindless; I've sat the dumbbell by my bathroom door, so at worst, I see it four times before I leave the apartment.  I normally do the reps as soon as I get up and before my shower, but there's been a few times (like this morning) where wet Steven is doing naked reps.  But I've been consistent with this; I haven't missed one day.

3) "That my phone can train my tongue"

Another thing I've been doing since January 5th is Duolinguo.  I'm a bit embarrassed that I have a degree in Spanish, but I really don't have proficiency in it.  So every day, I do a few sessions of Duolinguo on my iPhone.  I've missed one day since the 5th (which was a mistake, given I convinced myself I did at least one 'class' that day...)

4) "That I can run nowhere, fast"

At least two miles on the treadmill, every Saturday.  I've been averaging about 14 miles a week, and am pushing my Saturdays up to a 5k.  Once I get there, it is all about getting faster.

5) "That I can home home again"

I used to go to a fitness class every Saturday, and was quite the regular, and my body showed it.  However, I stopped going way back in 2015.  Now it is about going back, and coming home.  There's also a class on Sundays that I was a regular up until March of 2016, and then stopped.  I have been faithfully going to these classes since January 7th.  Keep it up.

6) "That I can beat the Jabberwocky"

My comprehensive exam is my 'jabberwocky', the beast only I can fight.  It has to be done in 90 days, and will be at least 80 pages.  I've taken to working on it during Saturdays, trying to conquer it 10 pages at a time since January 31st.  I've done rather well so far, but there's still a distance. If all goes well, the first portion (the first question) will be done by February 25th, and the second portion will begin March 11th (to be finished April 1st) - this will leave me nearly 30 days to revise....  Here's hoping I can keep the good fight going.

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