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Let's Go March

Updates more to empty my head out.

PhD (formerly 'school').  I started comps on January 31st with a goal of writing 10 pages every weekend in February, to complete my first question by the end of February, start my 2nd question on March 5th, with a completion of it by March 31st, and revise most of the month of April.  I am happy to report - I am right on track.  It's March 2nd, and my first question has been done since....wow...February 25th?  I have about 44 pages written, and with the intro and closing I need to finish (during revisions) it's about 47 pages, and will likely be scaled back to 42 or so.  I'll start on the second question next week, which I am excited about.

I am also getting a lot of interest from my dissertation advisors, who are guiding me towards stuff like publishing and presenting at conferences.  Absolutely excited about that. Additionally, I found out I got a pretty prestigious award from one of the conferences at which I am presenting.  All in all, the PhD is going well.  I've mapped out with my advisor, and he firmly believes I can be done by December 2018.  Wow.

Teaching.  Teaching is going good. I have three classes this semester; two face-to-face classes and one online course.  I am keeping on top of the work, which is awesome.  I know most of my classes for next year, and I might have to adapt my schedule a bit, especially if I get this fellowship I expect to get for the fall.  But I definitely got the masculinity course again (for which I am excited) and I will be teaching Sociology of Sport again.  They want me to teach Intro to Sociology; I'm not against it, I just am a bit flummoxed about teaching four nights (again).  I'd be teaching a long Monday, a short Tues/Thursday, and a long Wednesday.  I know me - I will be dragging.

Work.  Work is picking up the pace.  Have lots to do, really.

Fitness. Fitness is going great.  Ran 40 miles in January, and 62 miles in February.  Went to gym classes every weekend.  I've lost so much weight in the last 7 weeks.  I mean, seriously - I can fit into multiple versions of my 30 inch waist jeans again.  Still some work to do, and a lot I want to do, so I'm nowhere even close to 'great'; I'm barely close to 'okay' again....but I am getting there.

I'm pretty proud that on January 5th I started doing 25 dumbbell curls every morning (25 reps each arm).  I haven't missed one day.

Resolutions. They are generally going well.  Clearly many of them are related to school and teaching and fitness, so I'm keeping up on all of those.  Duolinguo is going really well; I missed one day (I don't even see how that happened) in the last 55.  So I had two freaking long streaks.  The only ones I am falling short on is the ones having to do with speaking to people who speak Spanish and doing a podcast; haven't those yet.

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