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OMG- Just...stop

I don't know why I do this thing where i fool myself into thinking I am nowhere near as busy as I am, and then, when I am in the midst of it, struggling somewhat to not be completely overwhelmed.

For example, I have five conference presentations as possibilities for 2017- two are guaranteed (well, one happens in two weeks and I've gotten the approval email for the second one), one is about 99% guaranteed (when you put together your own panel, you're knd of golden at most conferences).  The other two are iffy; one is extremely iffy and one is maybe 50/50.  But honestly, that's a lot, even for a soon-to-be doctoral candidate.  So why am I still looking up and looking at CFPs?  I should honestly be done.

Or the fall.  My fall is PACKED. I am definitely teaching three classes; on the schedule and they will all fill, no doubt. I likely will teach another (I've taught it for the last 3 years in the fall) and just might get a fellowship.  Why am I still looking for stuff to do?

What I have to realize is enough is enough - my schedule is ridiculously packed. Ihave enough on it.

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