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The Tao of Steven

Better Living Through Effortless Action

20 September 1974
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So, Im a human enigma. I am a guy who works in the field of public health when its suddenly not cool for gay men to work for public health anymore. AIDS is over, right? Yeah, that's why rates are shooting up around me, and I feel guilty for still being negative. So, I run a program that does HIV and STD testing for young adults for a very well-known university in Baltimore.

I'm from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, which is just about as rural as you can get. I am the youngest of seven kids, and my father was a mortician, my mom an LPN. Basically, death and medicine are two things I've never feared. About half of my siblings went to college.

I was one of the ones that did, and I went to Washington College in Chestertown, MD. I didn't do so hot, but I finished. Because I didn't academically succeed (thanks fraternity!) getting into grad school has been impossible. So, I went back and got second bachelors, this one in community studies. My first was in Sociology. In the meantime, Ive earned an associates' in Spanish. I'm now working on my fourth (!) degree, a Master's of Arts in Applied Sociology.

I'm a part of a rather militaristic Reserve-type org, but you can't ask, and I can't tell.

I studied French for seven years because I wanted to be pretentious, and I speak it........so so. I studied German for a year and a half, and I can say a bit in it. Even tho I have a degree in Spanish, I'm functionally illiterate in the language, something not lost on my closest friends, two of which are Latino.

I stay pretty active in the community, and serve on various community boards, and on the Board of Directors of Baltimore's Gay and Lesbian Community Center. Im also an adult facilitator for the gay youth group.

I am nowhere near as mean as everyone thinks I am..... If you read X-Men think Emma Frost; if you watch Scrubs, think Dr. Cox's wife Jordan...

Tarot Cards
The Rat Bastard
A snotty, arrogant gayguy who is quick to point out the faults of all life, but as quick to correct that which is wrong.
Divinatory Meanings: It is a card that means the intercession of a semi supra-genius who will be a cross between Karen from Will and Grace.... and the third Doctor Who. Feel... unimportant.
Reversed: Uh oh.... all the attitude, none of the kindness. Best to dig a hole, duck down, and kiss your a$$ goodbye...
Libra/Virgo cusp: when the anal combines with the critically objective, how could it help but go wrong????

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