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In an effort to not be bummed about my Sociology of Sport class not happening this summer, I am throwing myself into side projects that are all academic. It might sound crazy, but I feel that if I keep exercising this part of my brain, I’ll be in a perfect place for my comps this fall. So, to that end - my four goals.

Create. I threw out this idea about discourse and veterans to my dissertation advisors and my program advisor - everybody loved it. Let me tell you - that NEVER EVER happens. Two of the three told me “you MUST research this”. So this summer I am going to write that paper and present it, hopefully, at the Mid Atlantic Popular Culture Association conference. I put in the abstract - we will see if I get the nod or not! This will be valuable because this concept of disaffection in populations is going to be a key part of my dissertation research. If the presentation goes well, everything is on board with me submitting it to the Journal of Critical Military Studies.

Combine. I wrote a huge (47 page) paper on Bronies (YES, Bronies) and masculinity that I turned into two conference presentations last year- now is the time to revisit that paper and turn it into a journal article. My hope is to condense it into something that I can submit to either the Journal of Fandom Studies or Masculinity and Society. Condensing will be a good example of editing.

Deconstruct. I wrote a literature review for my gender class this semester that I believe I can turn into something worthy of publishing. It talks about circumstances in which we can de-center masculinity using feminist standpoint epistemology (nerd, alert). It’s more theory than research, but since a good chunk of my dissertation will be about creating new theory, and that theory surrounding the idea that men can be decentered in certain social settings, I kind of need to do this.

Evolve. I love game studies. Period. And while my diss work won’t be about games, I refuse to completely drop it. So, I’m doing a presentation of a paper on the discourse of ‘rules lawyering’ and examining how much of that has to do with power in a gender- and ethnic- dominant space. Yeah, yeah, sounds more complicated than what it is (the sensible version: do men tend to use rules lawyering to speak down and assert themselves to disenfranchised populations? And how do they change that language when people HATE rules lawyers?). So, I’m constructing this paper. And, if it goes well (and the presentation at Extending Play goes well), then I will possibly submit to Analog Games Studies.

So yeah, busy. Busy. Screw the fact that I didn’t get that class. I’ll make it all come up roses.

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