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Not, bad actually.

Running/Fitness. Starting with this, which...honestly, I never start with.  So I ran 6 out of 7 days last week, averaging about 2.2 miles each day and running 5k on the weekends.  So, from Sunday - Saturday last week I hit about 14 miles.  I should be able to easily hit 15 miles this week.  The big thing next for me isn't about hitting 100k this month ( I should be able to do that no problem), but figuring out what my schedule will look like once school starts.  I don't run any evenings right now (with the exception of Tuesday) so that would probably not change that much.  However, I'd cut down to running just 5 days a week, with my Saturday morning run becoming a Saturday afternoon run.  I think I can still hit 62 miles a month (roughly 15.5 miles a week) by running 5k on the weekends and 2.5 miles on the weekdays.  Meh, we will see, but overall, it has been a good week and will be a good month.

School (Teaching). Classes are filling; just want maybe 5 more in my Masculinities course, and 8 more in my CCBC class.  Let's just see if that happens.

School (PhD).  MUST. FINISH. PAPERS.  Found out my proposal for the Mid Atlantic conference got accepted; I will send my proposals for the other two conferences I'm doing as soon as they open up (for one of them, that isn't until October; the other is open now).  But in terms of publication, gotta make it work.

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