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End of Month Stuff

Running. Going amazing.  I hit 60 miles, and am one run away from 100k run.  I am so amazed that I got my stamina back.  Just think - 4 months ago I couldn't even maintain a half-mile run on a treadmill; I was struggling to do 5 minutes of sustained running.  Which was odd because a year before that I could do 2.5 miles easily.  And suddenly, I'm back there.  It seems like my "base run" is 2.5 miles, and I'm doing 5ks on the weekend.  I know I'll (easily) hit 100k in August - September will be a struggle with my new schedule.  But, my running groove is back; that is, in a word, phenomenal.

Teaching. Getting excited about going back.  Had a minor emergency; had to replace one of my texts for one of my classes.  Was able to get what I think is a replacement.  Looks like all 3 classes should run in the fall; two are definite (Blacks in America and the Masculinities course).   The last one is contingent on me getting 6 more people.  Not hard; let's just make it happen!

School.  Also getting excited about my impending comps.  They start in Novmeber.  Then...the dissertation.  I'm finishing up 4 things that should be published.  One is done and I've given it to 4 people to review.  One should be pretty much finished Monday.  One will be completed by the time I get back from Florida.  The last...by the end of the month.

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