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Under. Over.

School.  There's an increase of intensity in my PhD program.  I'm closing in on starting my comprehensive exams; they've been pushed back a month due to the availability of one of the readers, but I'm actually happy about that - otherwise they'd be starting in like 20 days. In the meantime I am doing a "readings course" with one of the readers/dissertation advisors.  The reading course goes like this - every two weeks he gives me a list of books and articles (mostly books).  I have to read all of the books/articles and do an annotated bibliography for each.  To date I, in seven weeks, I have read (no joke) 42 books and about 11 articles...and probably 30-40 more books to come.  It's overwhelming a bit, and my head is exploding with information.  It dwarfs one, because no matter what you think you know, there's so much more.  The sad part is that I felt I was "well read" in my topical area; my advisor says I am - I have read hundreds of articles.  The problem is that the theories surrounding my field are another matter entirely.

All this to get me to the comprehensives, which will be about 90 pages of writing.  Not "looking forward to it".  More "looking to get it done, please".  It will prove to be pretty intense.

Teaching.  Teaching 3 classes at 3 schools is a bit taxing.  I cannot understand how people do this.  Yes, my life is harder in that I also have a full time job and working on a PhD, but just the wear and tear on the soul with jumping across three campuses, with different policies, procedures, email accounts and topics just makes life pretty tough.  Next semester looks to be easier: I'll be teaching Sociology of Sport and Social Problems at one school.....and that's likely it.  At the school where I'm getting my PhD the course I'm teaching is just a once-a-year course, so I won't have another opportunity until the fall.  The community college probably won't have any spaces available, but I'll try for an online course.  I was told, potentially, about another course on campus - not sure it is going happen.  Guess we will see.

Work. Somewhat plodding.  Somewhat interesting.  Not much to say.

Social. Hanging out more, which is odd, because I have zero time.  More about connecting with people I haven't seen, which is great, but...yeah...I need to read more.

Fitness.  Haven't been to the gym in two weeks.  That is a serious problem.

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