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Right There.

I am on the precipe of comps!  Yikes!  In about a month I start the process of writing them!  Two questions. Two responses.  At least 35 pages each.  I know that probably doesn't sound like much in 90 days, but considering I work full time, it actually is.  I hate it when people say "oh, you can just write a page a day and you'll be done in no time."  Er....no disrespect but that isn't how academic writing works.  It happens in clusters.  My plan is to do 10 pages every weekend (broken up under subheadings) for 8 weeks.  That gives me about 4 weeks to do revisions.  I am only nervous about one of the questions - one of my dissertation chairs is pretty clear about where my question will go, and I'm not pressed about that.  My other has given me zero sign.  I know I've read up enough for the one question, not so sure about the other.

Yeah, read up on the first class.  I'm taking an independent study/readings course right now that is essentially prepping me for comps.  Every two weeks I have to read about 20-25 articles and books.  So, by now I have about 90-100 books and articles under my belt.  It's kind of insane because my head is just leaking information - there is just SO much.

Part of me wants comps over, the other part of me realizes as soon as comps is over, the fretting over the dissertation starts.  Picking the rest of my committee. Firming up my topic and title. Having to defend my proposal (which will be 2-3 chapters of my comps).  Setting up interviews with 25 people.  Completing those interviews, transcribing them, and then analyzing them.  Lots and lots and lots of work.  A good year to 16 months of work.  Sigh.

I haven't been running as much as normal, or at least as much as I was 3 months ago.  I knew that would happen as I'd be busier this fall, but I'm only clearing about 9-10 miles a week.  I need to get that back up to 15-20.  I also need to get back into classes at my gym.  I just need a second as a breather - let me JUST get through this semester, please!!

Somewhere in the midst of all of this I've been hanging out with a guy.  I have NO idea where this is going.  He is nice, and smart.  English-graduate school graduate type.  Sort of eco-warrior.  It's fascinating we connect as much as we do.  Meh.  Let's see where THIS goes.

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